Losing Weight Vs Fitness: Losing Weight Is Not A Body Transformation

Losing weight is not a body transformation. Come on, anybody can lose weight if you are serious about it…but the problem is that people lose weight and get back to the same bad weight again. And get fat after one month or two; voila, they are back to the same bad weight again.
So losing weight is not a body transformation, is all about commitment, hard work,  exercise (jog for a long distance or longtime…1hr every morning and do it every day. I bet you before 60 days you will lose weight.
Do you know what is a body transformation? Fitness is! I rather live fit than to lose weight because living fit is a consequence of body transformation. Is a place where you get to and your body is changed, your shape is changed…you are transformed. I rather live a transformed life than losing weight.
Body transformation does not come quick, it takes time because it sets you up for a lifetime. That is why I will choose body transformation over weight loss. That is you need to work out repeatedly over a long time. A lot of people lose weight but they don't get muscles. Losing weight does not mean you gained muscles but gaining muscles and a better shape is the way forward besides other benefits of being healthy and happy.
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